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Bye-bye house, hello new home!

It happened! The house is sold and we did the official key transfer at the notary today. We are now “homeless” by the most strict definition of the word 🙂 We have officially traded in four brick walls for four polyester ones; multiple rooms for a single one, a garden for… One lonely plant in...... Read More

The Art of Getting Rid of Shit: Our Quest for Minimalism

As the deadline of handing over the keys to our house looms nearer, the panic monster inside us woke up.... Read More

A little update

We are currently writing this from Andorra, the heart of the Pyrynees. No wait, don’t worry, we did not move THAT fast! We are on a vacation that we had already arranged before we planned our “Big Mission“. But we do have some other news. We sold our home and bought our new one: That’s...... Read More