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[Postponed] Going back on the road!

[Update 18.02.2021] This trip was postponed twice! First because we bought a house in 2019. Then all travelling had to be cancelled in March 2020 due to the Corona virus... Read More

Flying home

So here we are, ready to fly back from LA to Amsterdam. We packed the bikes already in San Francisco, and repacked them again (with extra bubble wrap) yesterday at... Read More

We have arrived at our destination!

San Francisco! We actually made it! It took some sweat and tears (but mostly smiles fortunately), but we got there. On a beautiful Saturday, we finally crossed the Golden Gate.... Read More

Flowers in your hair

Hi everyone! We just had the longest day. At 7am this morning we set off from our campground at Manchester State Park, and we didn’t arrive at our campground for... Read More

Rainy California

Again we had the luxury to be disconnected from the world! We had no signal at any of the places we stayed overnight so that made it very difficult to... Read More

Sailing with the Pacific wind in Oregon

Cycling through the woods was so amazing that we regretted for a moment to be back on the coast. This was before we started sailing with the coastal winds! When... Read More

A bike ride through the woods

Hi everyone! We just crossed over from Eugene back to the coast, to Reedsport. It was a long ride, 140km and big hills, so we split it into two days... Read More

Still Alive & Pedalling!

Hi everyone! Apologies for the radio silence of the last few days. We were cycling through an area without much reception and camping all the time, giving us little chance... Read More

Oregon, the free showers state!

Here I go with my first post! Jochem has been keeping you up to date on our trip while I figured out how I feel about it. As you may... Read More

Hello Pacific

Today we had a relatively short ride of only 65km, from Astoria to Nehalem Bay State Park. The first 30 kilometres were incredibly underwhelming: we had to cycle along a... Read More