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Mission Paradise

Everything about our mission to create PARADISE

Where we are

Hello! A little update again – little, just because these pre-departure posts are so boring… I mean, because we don’t have any readers yet? Well, anyhow, we want to make sure that we do write an update every now and then of course. So, where are we, literally and figuratively? Literally, we are staying in...... Read More

A little update

We are currently writing this from Andorra, the heart of the Pyrynees. No wait, don’t worry, we did not move THAT fast! We are on a vacation that we had already arranged before we planned our “Big Mission“. But we do have some other news. We sold our home and bought our new one: That’s...... Read More

Mission Paradise

Hello still-non-existent-readers! We have come out of these Covid years, finally! Just like many others (you as well, maybe?) this period has given us time to think about our lives and what we really want. And what we want is to be curious, travel, and live sustainably! Okay, but, mission… what? Let’s start with some...... Read More